Six Enterprise IT Buzzword Predictions for 2014

What new buzzwords will enterprise software marketers be adopting in 2014 to pollinate awareness and help our companies make honey?
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Just for fun, I thought I’d share some predictions on the 2014 fate of popular 2013 buzzwords.

  1. “Social” becomes an expected feature of any solution. Employees will expect to see social interaction capabilities in business applications now.
  2. “Cloud” is right behind social. You will need very good reasons for not deploying a solution in some kind of cloud.
  3. “Mobile” is already a feature and nobody talks about it anymore.
  4. “Internet of Things” will reach maximum volume this year.
  5. “Wearable devices”, the offspring of “mobile” and “Internet of Things” will graduate from being a hacker’s curiosity into a new 2014 enterprise buzzword. I don’t expect Google Glass to be vanguard of this kind of application feature, however. Expect special purpose devices similar to FitBit to see new purpose. Maybe it will be RFID with a CPU brain?
  6. “Big Data” will be seen as oversold because its been extended by vendors to the point of meaninglessness.  “Data scientists” will need to better define what their job really is if they want to hold onto the premium that their job title currently brings. Big Data Programmers need to develop their own brand name.

What else do you think will be new buzz for 2014?

Update – Maybe Security & Privacy Regain Buzzword Status in 2014:

An opportunity to recreate a buzzword is around cyber security and privacy. While it’s been an issue for privacy activists and legal folks for a while, I don’t think it’s had “buzzword” status for a long while. Think of the several happenings last year that have affected companies, customers, and the public at large:

  1. High profile hacker attacks on Target, and the Adobe Cloud.
  2. Ongoing attempts and successful breaches of online services and connected backends, and even core Internet traffic.
  3. Revelations of NSA spying on Internet and telecommunications traffic.
  4. Revelations of cooperation between companies and the NSA, including potentially RSA.

I think many in the market are still in shock and denial. Given that so many trusted companies and services have fallen victim to being hacked or working against their customers’ interests, there’s a huge opportunity for someone new to establish leadership and trust in this segment.


  1. My 2pence: “Privacy” is the debate that will erupt, we will stop being wow’d at what the Data Scientists (however they choose to define themselves) can do and start being concerned…….We will then start to see products / devices with ‘Privacy’ controls built in that then impose your controls on the apps and services that we interact with. The other buzzz word I expect to see a lot more of as we move out of recession is ‘Skills shortage’.

  2. Hey Greg- We just wanted to let you know that we loved your article and included it in the InterWorx monthly resource roundup

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