Six Enterprise IT Buzzword Predictions for 2014

What new buzzwords will enterprise software marketers be adopting in 2014 to pollinate awareness and help our companies make honey?
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Before the Social Media Marketing Settlers Arrived…

My first blog on this site, and one that still characterizes my approach to marketing – nurturing and building the community around your company or cause.

The Geek Marketing Blog

I am a marketer that engages in social media and blogging professionally. I figure the occasion of Social Media Week in San Francisco is as good a time as any to launch my own personal blog.

Let me start off with a rant that you might hear from your grandfather who had to walk to school in the snow, uphill both ways:

Back in the old days, before blogs were called blogs, before the term Web 2.0 had been coined, and back when social networking seemed useful only for illegally downloading copyrighted music, we called the precursor to social media “community building” or “community marketing”.

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Why Bad Robots Bring Bad Hygiene to Your Twitter Account

Originally posted as a guest blog at

One of the worst mistakes that newbies to Twitter do is choose the wrong robots to “help” them out. They accept these services in response to three fears:

1)   I need to hide from spam.

2)   I need to know if people are unfollowing me.

3)   I lack “social credibility” because I don’t have enough followers.

I’d like to discuss these perceptions, point out why they are unfounded, and why the usual “remedy” in fact makes the problem worse.


[SOURCE] (c) Sebastian Lund, used according to Creative Commons License.

Hiding From Spam By Using a SpamBot

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Revealing a Little Social Media Secret of Mine…

It’s time for me to unveil a little Twitter secret I’ve been playing with for a while.

One of my spare time activities is mentoring entrepreneurs and startups. One company that I’m advising is vTricity, a developer of technologies for connecting communities of people. They let me be the first user of their newly released introduction service for Twitter called SoapBox. I’m so thrilled with the results I’ve seen using SoapBox and fascinated by the implications of how this technology can be used that I agreed to post the following blog for vTricity as customer 001 of SoapBox.

Finding and Building Your Cause-Driven Community

Step One in Cause Marketing and Social Entrepreneurship

So you have a cause you want to bring awareness to. Perhaps you even have a solution: work dedicated to the public good, or a social entrepreneurial venture. Either way, to promote adoption, you need to spark or tap into a social movement. In other words, you need to find or create a community of concerned people.


You have content to share, now you need an audience.

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Bali and the Double-Edged Sword of Globalization

I recently returned from a month-long trip in South East Asia that included a week in Bali. The whole trip was an amazing experience that will be fodder for a couple of more blogs. However, some of my biggest impressions were made in Bali:

  1. How well Bali still retains its unique culture and background
  2. How rapidly certain parts are being homogenized and paved over by the usual global resort and shopping brands.

Barong fights Rangda in a Balinese traditional dance performed by professional dance company.
[SOURCE:] © 2013 Greg Chase, under Creative Commons License, use with attribution.

Barong and Rangda costumes being delivered via parade between local Balinese temples as part of festival.
[SOURCE:] © 2013 Greg Chase, under Creative Commons License, use with attribution

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Facebook’s birthday reminders actually remind us that we are the product, not the customer.

Facebook’s birthday reminders are a perfect example of a nice feature being totally ruined by interruptive advertising in social media services.

Look at how much real estate is taken up by gift offers. I have to work hard not to accidentally click one of these links.


“Buy your friends a birthday gift card from iTunes or Starbucks.” “It’s Jonathan’s birthday, give him a message. Oh and buy him a giftcard from iTunes and Starbucks.”

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The Latest Pew Research Study of Social Media Usage– What the Pundits Aren’t Talking About

Cross posted from my guest blog at Vtricity

All weekend different bloggers have been buzzing about recently published results from Pew Research about social media usage in the US.  Mostly this is to support their own views such as Pinterist is the next cool thing or dumping Facebook is the new hip thing to do.

What I’m really surprised about is that nobody pointed out these observations:

SNS on mobile phones_2012
[SOURCE:  © Pew Internet & American Life Project, used with permission]

40% of American mobile phones owners use social network on their phone, note that this includes half of users aged 30 to 49, and more than 2/3 of users aged 18 to 29.

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Who Are You Calling an Industrialist, Mr. Seth Godin?

The other day, renowned author and blogger Seth Godin posted his blog “Industrialists are not Capitalists.” He made a point that “capitalists”, as he calls them, are the innovators, and industrialists are the optimizers, realizing efficiency and more profit out of industries created by the capitalists.


Is building a better mousetrap an innovation or an optimization?

[SOURCE: © June Campbell, used according to Creative Commons License]

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How Community Marketing Creates High Value Relationships

One of the most potent marketing programs a company can run is to foster and engage with the community of customers and partners that surrounds their company. Done right, this can create high value relationships for everyone within the community, and with the company.

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For Fun: If IT Products Were Marketed Like Cereal & Offbeat Analogies for IT Cloud Strategy

Found some pictures I made over the last couple of years as social media gags about the IT industry.

If IT products were marketed like cereal:


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