Open Innovation Crowdsourcing at SAP Idea Incubator

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We have just unveiled a new kind of crowd sourcing campaign on SAP Idea Incubator – “Open Ideas” which feature completely open business cases, data sets, and results.

Our first project in this category, “Help Build an Open Source Administrative Tool for SAP HANA” (login required) exactly fits this definition. Proposed by IBM Global Services, they ask the following from the SAP HANA community:

  1. Create a tool to improve administration of SAP HANA
  2. Sample data model will be shared for all participants
  3. Winning solution will be asked to contribute their solution into an open source project.

Here is a short demonstration of what the proposer is looking for with this idea:


Opportunities for crowd sourcing inventions using SAP HANA

This enhancement to the types of campaigns we run on SAP Idea Incubator is a reflection of the typical motivations of companies for engaging in crowd sourcing. It’s also an understanding of the kinds of questions we find our customers want to ask the SAP HANA community such as:

  1. Show me how I should model my data in SAP HANA?
  2. Show me the possibilities of what can people do with my data on SAP HANA?
  3. Give me different perspectives of how to implement a feature on SAP HANA?
  4. What insights can people find in my data?
  5. Let’s collaborate on a project for everyone’s benefit.

In addition to the new “Open Ideas” category, SAP Idea Incubator still handles “Private Ideas” for customers that want to benefit from crowd sourcing, but have need to keep their business case, brand, data, or results out of public view. Private Idea campaigns incorporate non-disclosure of company identity, a screening process for collaborators, non-disclosure agreements for shared data and business issues, and a clear plans for dealing with intellectual property.

How to join the SAP HANA Innovation Crowd

There are two ways to participate in the SAP Idea Incubator community, as an innovator where you respond to ideas with a proposal or prototype, and by posting your own idea.

Innovators can submit a proposal or mock up for a prototype for ideas in an “open” phase.  The best proposals are ranked, and depending on the specific rules of the campaign, will either win a prize or be invited to continue on to a prototyping round.  The best ranked submission at the end of the final round will win the posted prize.

You can also post your own project to SAP Idea Incubator to test the feasibility of an idea. All you need is some data, and a question you want to ask, such as those we describe above. The SAP Idea Incubator staff will then help you design your project campaign according to your goals. Depending on the nature of your idea and the end result of your goal, SAP may choose to provide usage of a SAP HANA system in the cloud on a test and evaluation basis, and may offer to post a prize on your behalf.


Three primary questions for determining how you would want to run your SAP Idea Incubator crowd sourcing project.

If you would like to know more SAP Idea Incubator:

1. Check out this webinar
2. Ask a question in the comment area below
3. Drop an email to me at greg (dot) chase (AT) SAP (dot) com
4. Submit your idea

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