Try Out SAP HANA in a Big Data Scenario

Originally posted on on October 24, 2013…

Just in time for SAP TechEd, I’m pleased to announce the public beta of the trial cloud for SAP HANA. Our first released scenario is SAP HANA One and Big Data – Processing Wikipedia Data with Hive and Analyzing with SAP HANA and SAP Lumira.

The trial cloud for SAP HANA provides you fast, free access to pre-configured SAP HANA landscapes built for specific use cases. This lets you see how to work with SAP HANA through short tutorial activities.


In the case of SAP HANA One and Big Data, we configure an SP6 version SAP HANA Server and an associated Windows development system pre-loaded with SAP HANA Studio and SAP Lumira.


You get access to your trial landscape for four hours to solve four technical exercises. These include:

  1. Loading Hadoop-filtered data from S3 storage into SAP HANA
  2. Creating a Star Schema in SAP HANA One
  3. Building an Analytic View from SAP HANA One Tables
  4. Analyzing Wikipedia Data with SAP Lumira

The scenario features the latest release of SAP Lumira Desktop.  We are working on a future revision that shows how to use the Smart Data Access feature to generate the Hive query to Elastic Map Reduce on AWS. This will dramatically simplify the data loading procedure in exercise 1 and 2.

Since this is a public beta, we would appreciate your comments on what you like, what else you would like to see in the scenario, and how we can make it better.

Sign up for your free trial today!


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