Revealing a Little Social Media Secret of Mine…

It’s time for me to unveil a little Twitter secret I’ve been playing with for a while.

One of my spare time activities is mentoring entrepreneurs and startups. One company that I’m advising is vTricity, a developer of technologies for connecting communities of people. They let me be the first user of their newly released introduction service for Twitter called SoapBox. I’m so thrilled with the results I’ve seen using SoapBox and fascinated by the implications of how this technology can be used that I agreed to post the following blog for vTricity as customer 001 of SoapBox.

Finding and Building Your Cause-Driven Community

Step One in Cause Marketing and Social Entrepreneurship

So you have a cause you want to bring awareness to. Perhaps you even have a solution: work dedicated to the public good, or a social entrepreneurial venture. Either way, to promote adoption, you need to spark or tap into a social movement. In other words, you need to find or create a community of concerned people.


You have content to share, now you need an audience.

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