Neighborly Acts of Altruism and Resilience Post-Sandy

As Superstorm Sandy roared through New York and New Jersey, most of us saw the horrendous pictures of flooding and destruction wrought by the storm on the news and on our social media feeds. Then came the final hours of the election campaign, and suddenly many of us not directly impacted by Sandy are no longer hearing about the aftermath.

The truth is that while many people have had their power and utilities restored, there are many still with out. Lines for the few gas stations that have power are immensely long, and this is leading to price gouging by a few “enterprising individuals“. In especially hard hit places such as Queens and Staten Island, people have been evacuated, or are trying to survive without access to utilities and basic services.

In response to this chaos and suffering, stories of ingenious resilience, and heroic neighborliness have emerged. Stories such as:

1) The fourth grade girls who dropped off bagged lunches for the hungry, complete with motivational drawings on each bag.

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