How to Meet Enhanced Data Security Requirements with Pivotal Greenplum

Cross posted from The Pivotal Blog.

As enterprises seek to become more analytically driven, they face a balancing act: capitalizing on the proliferation of data throughout the company while simultaneously protecting sensitive data from loss, misuse, or unauthorized disclosure. However, increased regulation of data privacy is complicating how companies make data available to users.

Join Pivotal Data Engineer Alistair Turner for an interactive discussion about common vulnerabilities to data in motion and at rest. Alastair will discuss the controls available to Greenplum users—both natively and via Pivotal partner solutions—to protect sensitive data. We’ll cover the following topics: – Security requirements and regulations like GDPR – Common data security threat vectors – Security strategy for Greenplum – Native security features of Greenplum

Speakers: Alastair Turner, Data Engineer & Greg Chase, Business Development, Pivotal