RabbitMQ: What’s New & Changing after 10 Years of Application Messaging?

Cross posted from The Pivotal Blog.

10 years ago, RabbitMQ was first released to open source. Since that time, RabbitMQ has grown to become the most widely deployed open source message broker.

Whether you’re familiar with RabbitMQ or just learning, you’ll want to tune into this webinar with Daniel Carwin, development manager for the RabbitMQ team. Learn about the latest capabilities of RabbitMQ, and hear the future vision of how it will evolve to meet tomorrow’s application needs.

We’ll cover the following:

  • Brief history of RabbitMQ
  • Core design principles and how they help today’s applications
  • Common use cases and patterns
  • Your questions answered Latest features of RabbitMQ:
  • Messaging
  • Language support
  • Distributed deployment
  • Enterprise & cloud support
  • Management and monitoring
  • Future vision and roadmap for RabbitMQ

Presenters: Daniel Carwin, RabbitMQ Development Lead, Pivotal & Greg Chase, Pivotal

Watch the webinar: https://content.pivotal.io/webinars/rabbitmq-whats-new-and-changing-after-10-years-of-application-messaging?utm_source=pivotal-brighttalk&utm_medium=webinar-link&utm_campaign=10-years-of-rabbitmq_q117

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