GemFire XD 1.4 Now Available for Download

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The latest release of GemFire XD, version 1.4 is now available for download. its biggest improvements include single hop inserts for 50% faster performance, and support for JSON document objects in SQL tables. This makes GemFire XD even better for write-intensive use cases, such as high-speed ingest. Also, now we can support use cases that need more schema flexibility to the otherwise well-defined relational structure of GemFire XD.

For pure NoSQL use cases, we recommend considering use of Pivotal GemFire. GemFire XD is appropriate for when ANSI SQL compliance is dictated by third party tools or backend relational databases.

Single-hop inserts

In this latest release, you can enhance the performance of prepared SQL statements for insert by as much as 50% by configuring for single-hop access. In such a case, your application instance will create direct connections to GemFire XD nodes which manage the data related to the query. This reduces the overhead of the driver needing to facilitate routing from an existing connected node to a new node where data may be residing.

JSON Data Type Support

GemFire XD now allows you to store and query data from JSON documents in SQL tables.  You can define columns in a table as a JSON data type, and leverage a formatting function to aid in extracting attributes and filtering query results from JSON data.

Persistence in Apache Hadoop®

GemFire XD 1.4 supports persistent storage in either localized disks on nodes in the grid, or with Pivotal HD.  GemFire XD is released in advance of its targeted version of Pivotal HD. Therefore, if you want to use the Apache Hadoop® persistence feature, please  continue to use GemFire XD 1.3 with Pivotal HD 2.1, until the next version of Pivotal HD is released within the next couple of months.

SQLFire is Now GemFire XD

In the event that you missed the announcement blog for GemFire XD 1.3, we have combined SQLFire and GemFire XD into a single product.  Current users of SQLFire can now upgrade and use GemFire XD since version 1.3 in stand-alone configuration—using local persistence on nodes.  SQLFire users can take advantage of Apache Hadoop® persistence if they also own licenses of Pivotal HD, which can be obtained by licensing the Pivotal Big Data Suite.

Additional Improvements

GemFire XD 1.4 also provides enhanced support for the .NET Entity Framework, administration of HDFS stores and files, front-end RDBMS caching, LDAP authentication, and an improved PXF driver for GemFire XD—HAWQ interoperability.  For more specifics, please see What’s New in GemFire XD 1.4.

Editor’s Note: Apache, Apache Hadoop, Hadoop, and the yellow elephant logo are either registered trademarks or trademarks of the Apache Software Foundation in the United States and/or other countries.

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