Our Customers at Pivotal Recognize the Importance of Bridging Traditional Data Warehousing into Next Generation Platform

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Recently Gartner published the report, “Gartner Critical Capabilities for Data Warehouse Database Management Systems” that shares survey results of customers from a variety of Data Warehouse solution vendors.  The report ranks vendors in 4 categories of use cases in the Data Warehouse market: “Traditional Data Warehouse”, “Operational Data Warehouse”, “Logical Data Warehouse”, and “Context Independent Data Warehouse.”

Based on existing customer implementations and their experiences with data warehouse DBMS products, the report scored Pivotal in the top 2 out of 16 vendors in two use cases: “Traditional Data Warehouse” and “Logical Data Warehouse”.  In a third use case, “Context Independent Data Warehouse”, Pivotal scored in the top 3 relative to the 15 other vendors.

In the report, Gartner writes “the adoption rate for modern use cases (such as the logical data warehouse and the context independent warehouse) is increasing year over year by more than 50%—but the net percentage for the context independent and logical data warehouse combined remains below 8% of the total market.”

Modern Data Warehouse Use Cases Generate Trillions in Value

Many of Pivotal’s big data analytics customers started out as Greenplum Databasecustomers. These customers are both well established in traditional data warehousing techniques and take advantage of modern data warehousing scenarios supported by Greenplum Database’s advanced analytics capabilities, and other products of Pivotal Big Data Suite: Pivotal HAWQ and Pivotal HD.

Industry leaders like General Electric are using Pivotal Big Data Suite to create new solutions that cut weeks of analysis time that would be required using traditional data warehouse approaches. For example, a process for refining insightful analytics from sensor data streams generated by industrial machinery was compressed from 30 daysto just 20 minutes.

Other companies are using these approaches to improve customer retention, target advertising, detect anomalies, improve asset utilization and more. The combined potential benefit of these opportunities is staggering. GE alone predicts its solutions will boost GDP by $10-15 trillion in the next 20 years by saving labor costs and improving energy efficiency.

Bringing The Future Data Warehouse Platform to Market

Pivotal is making quick progress in bringing the future data and analytics platform to market, and we expect the market for advanced data warehousing use cases will swell in the coming months and years significantly.

Since the survey was conducted in the fall of 2013, Pivotal has worked aggressively to build up the comprehensive Big Data Suite platform around Pivotal Greenplum Database, achieving major milestones such as:

  1. Pivotal HAWQ:  Pivotal released a significantly enhanced version of HAWQ, our ANSI SQL compliant massively parallel processing analytics engine for Hadoop based on Pivotal Greenplum technology. This release significantly increased query flexibility, performance, and added support for Parquet file types.
  2. Market-leading benchmark results: Pivotal released results for running HAWQ on Pivotal HD using a benchmark based on TPC-DS, showing that we are the first, and only, MPP SQL analytics engine on Hadoop that can complete the advanced data warehousing scenario benchmark., topping the performance charts, and demonstrating enterprise and data warehousing readiness of the Pivotal Big Data Suite.
  3. Pivotal Extension Framework: As part of Pivotal HD, Pivotal released Pivotal Extension Framework (PXF) which extends HAWQ’s ability to execute federated SQL queries against other HDFS based technologies such as HBase, and Hive and apply advanced analytical functions of HAWQ, such as those from MADlib.
  4. Pivotal GemFire XD: Pivotal released GemFire XD, a distributed in-memory database that allows customers to deploy high performance, high concurrency transactional applications that utilize Pivotal HD persistence for durability of data, as well for analytical use cases.
  5. Pivotal Big Data Suite: Lastly, Pivotal released the Pivotal Big Data Suite, allowing customers to access all these products in a single, low cost, flexible core-based subscription that includes unlimited, supported use of our enterprise Hadoop, Pivotal HD.



Pivotal Continues to Evolve Best Practices in Data Warehousing

Our customers’ own testimony shows that Pivotal is among the best in the market in supporting their needs today in data warehousing. At the same time, you see Pivotal as very well positioned in supporting future advanced use cases in analytics and data science. Pivotal is hard at work bringing major components of its big data platform to market that will continue to advance the data story for the next set of great companies.

While advanced analytics data warehousing on Hadoop is still an early market, it’s growing quickly. We believe it won’t be long before industry analysts are calling this the new best practice in data warehousing.  Get on board today and start enjoying first mover advantages!

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