My Experience Interviewing at Salesforce

Recruiting should not be a meat market...

Hiring good people is more than just selecting a cut of meat…


I just got asked by email to fill out a “confidential” survey about my experience interviewing with

Typically feedback from these kinds of survey tends to get aggregated and the pointed feedback gets lost when its compiled by third parties.

Instead, I thought I would put it out there publicly. Perhaps my feedback will help Salesforce make their interview experience better for candidates, and will help future candidates know what to expect until then.

For a cloud company that  is also closely allied with the world premier HR SaaS provider, Workday, Salesforce’s recruiting practices, in a word, suck.

Here’s the survey:


1. “Rate from 1 to 10 how likely you’d recommend to a friend to apply to Salesforce.”  “1 = not at all, 10 = definitely”.

My answer: 2.


2. “Please provide additional feedback:”

My answer:

“1. Inefficient and non empathetic appreciation of candidates’ time.”

— OK this is redundant with below, but I interviewed with a couple of SVP’s who booked an hour of time (It took me an hour to get to SF driving), were 20 minutes late, and then didn’t realize what position they were hiring me for. Then they’d ask me to come back the next week to interview with one of their team members.

“2. Managers are not prepared for interviews, do not reserve space, or adequate time.”

— More of the above. However, the manager I was thinking about forgot to reserve a conference room.

“3. Tendency to book only one interview despite huge overhead for employed candidate to take time off for interview.”

“4. Poor fitting of candidates to actual openings.”

— More than once I started getting asked questions that were clearly not related to the position I thought I was interviewing for, nor fit my background. I’m sure the SVP thought it was a waste of their time. It sure was  waste of mine.

“5. Poor ability of managers to hire good people, and fit a role to them.”

— Senior marketing roles are as much about the people as the tasks to be done. You hire the best people you can get and then tailor the role around their talents and interests.

“6. Bad follow up from the part of recruiters to candidates about status of application, and feedback from teams.”

— This is an ongoing problem with Salesforce. I have interviewed there a few times over the years, and my experience has been the same in all cases.  “Is this opportunity still open?” More recently, I even had the experience where one hiring manager reached out to me for an interview, then no feedback. Then a new hiring manager who took over the same team asked to re-interview me for exactly the same role in a matter of weeks!

In short, crummy crummy crummy!”

However, it all works out in the end.  I’m now a very happy member of the marketing team at Pivotal Software!

Photo credit: Richard on Fickr, used according to Creative Commons License.


  1. I was meant to be Greg. Glad things have worked out for the best

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