Why I Joined Pivotal Software

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On brand with Pivotal Software...

Not only did I recently join Pivotal Software, I found my way into the swag closet…

I’m proud to announce that I have joined the marketing team at Pivotal Software.

There’s a special kind of excitement in helping build a business that you know can change the world. I’m excited to have a chance to work with the many talented people here at Pivotal, and be part of an amazing company and culture dedicated to helping customers create new innovations in big data.

The intersection of big data and cloud computing technology trends is a revolutionary opportunity to transform the way companies do business. With these technologies, companies are already creating new digital services for their customers, displacing competition in previously stagnant markets, and raising the bar with new leading business practices. Some examples:

  • NEST learning thermostats springing up out of nowhere to grab market share from stalwart companies Honeywell and Johnson Controls
  • Square become a dominant transactional payment clearinghouse for small and microbusinesses, growing up in a niche that could not be profitably served by incumbent payment networks of Visa and American Express
  • Berg Pharma employing big data and artificial intelligence against genomics data for new drug discovery
  • Netflix using historical audience viewing data to design its hit series House of Cards to be perfectly crowd-pleasing.

Many new business practices based on big data will become available as cloud applications that any company can implement. However, when a company wants to create a unique digital service based on big data, they need a new kind of platform for custom development. Such a platform must provide the right data management, cloud deployment, and developer tools that meet enterprise requirements for performance, scale, and cost. The companies who supply these data innovation platforms have the opportunity to grow into long standing players in the tech economy.

Certainly the top platform solution players, IBM, Oracle, and Microsoft are all working to maintain their dominance in this new wave. Others solution players such as SAP are hoping to grab market share from the top 3 with new offerings. Finally, a whole raft of startups such as Cloudera, and MongoDB are trying to become solution players by building up their ecosystems and portfolio as fast as they can to add to their core open source offerings.

In my view, the real winners in this next tech wave are not going to be startups. They’ll find a place in the componentry of someone’s new platform, but they will not be the end solution provider. Nor will it be any company nursing along a 30+ year old cash cow business model and platform. The winners will be those companies with advanced, proven technologies and flexible business models that meet new customer needs in terms of performance, support, and cost. This end solution will be a combination of hardened and supported open source software such as Hadoop and Cloud Foundry, and integrated value-add proprietary technologies.

Pivotal Software has exactly this approach for winning in the big data innovation platform market. Pivotal Software was created when EMC and VMWare combined the proven products and teams of Greenplum, Gemfire, Cloud Foundry, Spring Source and Pivotal Labs and said “congratulations you are now all one company. Go help your customers build amazing things by creating a compelling innovation platform!” One impressive indicator of Pivotal’s potential is when GE Software invested $100 million in Pivotal with a plan to base it’s “industrial internet” on Pivotal technology.
You can’t really call Pivotal a startup. The individual products generated almost $300 million in revenue in 2013 with healthy margins, and a growth rate over 40%. Much of the original product teams are still intact after many years, and the new company has impressive talent and leadership, starting with CEO Paul Maritz.

I’m excited about my new role here at Pivotal Software, and look forward to sharing my work with you as we continue to build this amazing company and help our customers achieve awe-inspiring innovations. And, we’re hiring. So reach out to me if you would like to know more about what it’s like to work here!


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