Forget Products! Marketing Should Deliver Benefits Directly to Customers Instead!

My April Fools startup idea…

One of the growing trends coming out of the Silicon Valley start up frenzy is the concept of “Growth Hacking” where developers can “disrupt” the need to have a marketing department by essentially baking in awareness and demand generation as features of a product.

Add in elegant work from your product designers, and you essentially have no need for a marketing department at all since the products will position and message themselves, as well as create and follow up on leads simply through their use.

At first, marketers such as  myself were shocked – you mean companies will no longer need power point, logo design, or spam emails because the products can essentially market themselves??? Then we understood the actual reality: “Wow, developers are finally becoming aware of the market and their users!” At last, we can have the data we need about our customers and prospects usage of a product to do an effective job in the marketing department!

Then some enterprising marketers got together and thought, “Hmmm, how can we reduce expenses in R&D, speed up product cycles, and maybe turn marketing into a direct profit-center?”  Their solution: “Market2Benefit” the new “direct benefit to customer platform.”

Now companies no longer need a pesky unreliable product development process in order to deliver benefits to their customers. Market2Benefit is a multi-channel benefit application technology that allows end-customers to experience the benefits of using a product without having to actually use a product. The OEM simply decides what kinds of benefits they want their customer to enjoy, brands the experience accordingly, and deploys it to their customers.

By directly delivering benefits to customers, marketing departments can avoid the need of complicated product development and increase potential revenue.
[SOURCE: used according to creative commons license]

“Our goal is to help our customers get closer to their customers,” said Greg Chase, President of Market2Benefit. “Hopefully directly into the pleasure centers of their customers’ brains.”

The Market2Benefit technology platform currently supports the following modes of directly delivering benefits to  customers:

  •          B2B and B2C Return on Investment
  •          Pain suppression
  •          Dopamine and serotonin cycling

Business to Business and Business to Consumer Return on Investment

With this feature customers can immediately enjoy material benefits of using your product through the simple distribution of financial reward every time the product is used. Different from bribing, which provides a material benefit before purchasing, the B2B feature provides the direct monetary injection to the owners’ financial accounts after purchase every time your product is used.

You can enhance adoption of the product by simultaneously deploying the B2C ROI feature which gives the direct user a monetary benefit every time it’s used as well. The B2C feature is different from gambling in that it allows you to focus on enhancing top line revenue rather than profit margin.


Directly financially rewarding owners and users directly will increase adoption and usage of your product.
[SOURCE: used according to Creative Commons Licnese]

“When your goal is to maximize number of users, providing direct financial benefits is the way to drive this,” said Greg.

The B2B ROI feature is frequently deployed as a combination direct deposit and email integration that notifies the owner every time they receive the benefit. The B2C ROI feature is typically added as a slot through which currency is dispensed, and flashing lights and sirens to ensure the user is able to fully appreciate the benefit they just received.


Pain Point Suppression

This involves altering the customers’ perception of pain they experience as a result of not having your product. While originally concerned with curing the pain point the customer was experiencing, our research found it was best to merely suppress the pain point as the threat of recurring pain caused customers to return much more frequently.


Suppression of pain points such as through altering consciousness often requires a custom developed solution.
[SOURCE: used according to Creative Commons License]

Several different mechanisms are available such as pain transfer, direct blocking, and altering consciousness.

Currently this feature is only available through custom consulting services as its application becomes an important design element into your product’s go-to-market strategy.


Dopamine and Serotonin Cycling

The newest features of the Market2Benefit technology are cycling of dopamine and serotonin within our customers.  Here we literally allow you to get inside the head of your customers and alternate the sensations of need and relief by secreting dopamine and serotonin neurotransmitters directly into the pleasure center of the brain. In fact, once you are able to achieve this level of intimacy with your customer, we find the other features of direct ROI and pain suppression are no longer needed.

We continue to do research on how to introduce dopamine and serotonin cycling earlier in the customer relationship.  Currently we are investigating applicability of salty-sweet snacks.


By directly delivering perceived benefits to the brain of your most intimate customers, its possible to simplify your business model even further.
[SOURCE: used according to Creative Commons License]


Progressive Delivery of Customer Benefits

Through effective usage of the different levels of benefit delivery, it’s possible to have a progressive customer experience. You start with the direct B2B and B2C ROI to first bring the customer to use your product.  In the case of children, you can use candy instead.

You then introduce the pain point suppression. This can be progressive such as blocking or transferring perception of the pain point and then eventually altering consciousness.  At this point your customer is ready for the very intimate relationship of direct dopamine and serotonin cycling.  Used in conjunction with altered consciousness, we find customers are very compliant, er, cooperative about how they allow you to cycle their neurotransmitters, through electrodes or injections to the brain.

Get your direct benefits today!

Disrupt your product development teams. Buy direct benefits for your customers today!  Try a free sample of our serotonin – dopamine cycling electrodes and we’ll make sure you start ordering benefits for your customers forever more!

Happy April Fools Day!

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