Overcoming Writer’s Block in Blogging with Poetry.

I’m at one of those points where I’m not allowed to write about the stuff that inspires me (yet), but what I can write about isn’t inspiring a new angle. So instead, here’s a lighthearted little blog on the subject of overcoming writer’s block…

What do you do if you want to write, but can’t seem to get the words out? Try writing about a different subject in a different format, such as poetry. Here’s my attempt to get past a recent case of writer’s block with three different kinds of silly poems and a rap song


Pictures of dried up fountains make great metaphors for blocked creativity.
[SOURCE] (c) Kyknoord – used according to Creative Commons License.

A Haiku

Blathering blather –
Nothing coherent to say.
Need inspiration!

A Limerick

A blogger lays sleepless in the night
Wondering whatever could he would write.
Could some muse up above
Please throw him some love?
Or, at least do their job: shed some light?

A Cinquian

Wordless, Frustrating
Squeezing, Forcing, Nothing
“Try writing a Poem”

The Start of a Rap Song

Yo! Up all night. Cannot write, Not a slight.
Yo! Words, they flow very slow. Need Merlot!
Write a song. Sing along. Nothing’s wrong!
Tallyho! Here we go! Start the show!


Change up your usual writing format to reinvigorate creativity, or at least to have some fun off topic.
[SOURCE] (c) Sebastian Peleato – used according to Creative Commons License.

Your feedback: if you survived my silly poetry thus far, should I attempt a sonnet?

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