Nevada Readies for Straight Marriage Refugees from California As a Result of Supreme Court Ruling on Prop 8

In an amazing display of judicial restraint, showing again that putting 9 people on the job of one person does in fact not make a project complete any faster, the Supreme Court refused to rule on the merit of California’s Prop 8 case. Instead, the Supreme Court preferred to go down with a meek, “just kidding” statement by only ruling on the standing of the plaintiffs.

The most severe effect on this inaction by the US Supreme Court will be felt in California among straight people hoping to get married. As a result of gay marriage once again becoming legal in the state, it can be expected that demand for experienced gay wedding planners suddenly spike due to large numbers of gay couples wanting to plan their own fabulous weddings.


“Oh dear god, Bridezilla is going have to wait!” said Georgio  Sparkles. “Michael David Scott just proposed to me with the most wonderful princes-cut diamond! It’s time for me to plan my special day!”

The disorder in the great state of California means opportunities for other wedding destinations. Las Vegas, Nevada is expecting an influx of straight marriage refugees.

“We’re building chapels as fast as we can,” said Big Dick, owner of, “and the great news for us is that without their gay wedding planners available to them, straight brides won’t know tacky if it slapped them across the face 10 times and pulled their tresses up over their heads.”

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