Hypocritical Innovators, Making Smartphones Smart, Salesforce Promises to be Green, and SAP HANA Crowns Hadoop

Some Good, Fast Reads From Last Week

Greetings Geek Marketing readers.

The last couple of weeks I have been pouring my heart into developing content for a few new initiatives I’m involved with. This has left me with little time to keep the Geek Marketing blog fresh. However, I’m very much looking forward to sharing some awesome things my various teams are developing.

In the meantime, there are a few blogs I read over the last week that I keep thinking about, so I thought I’d share them with you. No, they aren’t in any particular theme, just some cool stuff.

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Coming out of my content cave to share some good reads…

1. Hypocritical Innovators

First is On the Hypocrisy of Innovators by Jeff DeGraff, professor at University of Michigan. In addition to some wonderful writing, the laces together choice memorable quotes to create an easy to remember mantra for daring to stay innovative.

As a side note, I’m turning into a content addict on LinkedIn. I have to say they are doing a great job of making LinkedIn into a powerful information tool for professionals beyond just recruiting and hunting for a Job.


2. Making Smartphones Smart

Second, is The Smart Apps Explosion is Happening Right Now, in Venture Beat that succinctly gives great examples of how our location-based, mobile, cloud-based digital services should be acting. It just proves to me that there’s plenty of room left for innovation in this period of disruption, and especially fast follower success. Compare this functionality to how we should be building these new digital services.


3. Salesforce Promises to be Green

Third is a nod to Salesforce.com for publicly committing to power their digital service through 100% renewable energy. I believe Google is the largest cloud services provider to commit to increasing efficiency of their data centers, and to publicly audit their operations. How important is this? Consider there are direct links between “going paperless” and deforestation due to increased need for energy production. As Jason Hoffman, CTO of Joyent, so eloquently put it, “We’re strip mining Mongolia so we can look at [and store] pictures of cats [reading].”


4. SAP HANA Crowns Hadooop

Last is to offer a thank you to an innovative employee of the Globe and Mail who shared her work with SAP HANA and Hadoop.  Sandy Yang did what a conference full of people at Strata were clueless about: turned a Hadoop cluster into a responsive analytics infrastructure for “schema-less” data by adding an in-memory database like SAP HANA on top, for about $200 a month.


How an elastic Hadoop cluster with SAP HANA One in the cloud fits into your enterprise BI infrastructure.

What are your thoughts on any of these topics?

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